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Sustainable actions take centre stage for Bridgestone in new E8 commitment

Mar 23 , 2022


New framework to accelerate business transformation in support of the realisation of a sustainable society

Sustainability has taken a centre stage for Bridgestone with the launch of its new strategy, the E8 Commitment, aimed at addressing climate change by reducing emissions and investing in a new energy economy.

The Bridgestone E8 Commitment, its corporate commitment toward 2030, will serve as a framework for the transformation of the company's business model to become a leader in sustainable mobility and advanced mobility solutions.

The E8 Commitment, which replaces Bridgestone's ‘Our Way to Serve' framework, builds on the company's vision to provide social and customer value as sustainable solutions. Through this initiative, Bridgestone intends to continue to drive business growth and transformation along with a sustainable partnership with the people and the society.

Stefano Sanchini, Regional Managing Director, Bridgestone Middle East and Africa, said: “Climate change is a reality and the sooner we realise it, the better it is for everyone. Climate emergency is impacting the planet and the livelihood of everyone.”

“Now, more than ever, it is everyone's responsibility to prioritise social value and sustainability alongside business growth. So, keeping in mind the adverse impact of climate change on our future generation, we have reinforced Bridgestone's commitments to doing business sustainably. We invite our partners and customers to cooperate on a range of issues such as the economy, energy, and shared security,” Sanchini said.

Sanchini said that the new framework is also a commitment towards the planet and the future generation, adding regional collaboration is key to tackling climate change and enabling sustainable development.

The framework comprises eight commitments - Energy, Ecology, Efficiency, Extension, Economy, Emotion, Ease and Empowerment. Bridgestone's strategic priorities, decision making and sustainability efforts in all aspects of the business and operations will be collectively driven by this framework.

The Energy and Ecology commitments are in line with Bridgestone's clear environmental target to achieve carbon neutrality, work with 100 per cent sustainable materials and operate in better balance with nature by 2050.

The Emotion and Empowerment commitments made by Bridgestone reflect in its recognition that sustainability is about people and the planet. These commitments are being fulfilled with Bridgestone taking care of the safety and wellbeing of its employees, encompassing human rights, diversity and inclusion, labour practices and the company's many and varied contributions to a safer society and healthier communities.

In line with its work to help shape a sustainable future of mobility, the company commits to creating, and co-creating with partners, opportunities for overall Extension, Efficiency and Ease of mobility. Through its Economic commitment, Bridgestone acknowledges the importance of maximising growth and economic value from the business.

The Bridgestone EMIA Strategic Framework has been updated to ensure that the E8 Commitment is reflected across its business. “I believe this goal should be achieved foremost through better business practices across the region. Businesses and industries are responsible for natural resource depletion on a vast scale worldwide. But there is a huge margin for improvement through wholesale adoption of sustainable business practices,” Mr Sanchini concluded.

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