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Stefano Sanchini of Bridgestone MEA to Lead The Role of Managing Director of Bridgestone India

Nov 28 , 2022


Stefano Sanchini of Bridgestone MEA to lead the role of Managing Director of Bridgestone India

Bridgestone Europe, Middle East, India, and Africa (EMIA), one of the global leaders in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions, has announced that Stefano Sanchini, current Vice President & Managing Director for Middle East & Africa region, will begin serving as the new Vice President & Managing Director of Bridgestone India, based out of Pune. Stefano Sanchini will be succeeded by Jacques Fourie, current VP Region for Bridgestone Southern Africa, effective from January 1, 2023.

The latest shift in leadership comes as Parag Satpute, the current MD of Bridgestone India, will take on a new global position in Bridgestone’s Solutions Business and be based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Mr. Stefano joined Bridgestone in 2017 and was appointed VP Region MEA in 2019. Under his direction, Bridgestone strengthened its leading position as market leader in the Middle East and Africa while deploying effective mobility solutions in the region. Similarly, Jacques Fourie, who joined Bridgestone in 2019, has been instrumental in revitalising the business in Southern Africa, and will now succeed Mr. Stefano to oversee both the Bridgestone Southern Africa and the legacy Middle East and Africa businesses, bringing the two regions together under a single leadership.

“Joining the Bridgestone India team is truly exciting, as I will have the chance to work cohesively with a dynamic group of individuals and strengthen our presence in the country through innovative solutions. Bridgestone has a significant role to play within the region's automotive industry as it transitions to new technologies and mobility solutions, particularly with the rapid development of sustainable solutions as part of our ‘E8 Commitment.’ Together, we look forward to developing and integrating effective strategies for Bridgestone, maximising value for all our customers and maintaining the company's growth momentum in India, especially as the industry continues to evolve to accommodate new trends and address shifting needs of partner industries,” said Stefano Sanchini.

In response to his new role, Mr. Jacques stated: “Leading Bridgestone Southern Africa and working with a committed team to watch the division grow and gain leadership has been a rewarding experience. The past few years have been both satisfying and challenging, and I am happy to see the positive outcomes of our efforts. I am also delated and looking forward to contributing to Bridgestone MEA's aspirations to become a global provider of mobility solutions, as well as to advance the organisation's goals to deliver high-quality solutions to its customers.”

These changes in leadership also reflect the transformation journey of the respective businesses and their integration into Bridgestone EMIA, while recognising the relevant leaders who have driven positive results and demonstrated leadership qualities in the face of unprecedented challenges.

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