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Rolling towards safety: Bridgestone promotes tyre safety with #CheckedbyBridgestone campaign

Jun 18 , 2023


In collaboration with Nile Projects & Trading company

The campaign to be held over three-weekends across petrol stations within Greater Cairo

Bridgestone, a global leader in tyre and mobility solutions, together with its long-term local partner Nile Projects & Trading, a leading tyre partner within the region known for its Fit & Fix Nationwide network, organized the #CheckedbyBridgestone campaign in Egypt. The campaign aims to enhance tyre safety awareness among drivers and promote road safety through a series of free visual tyre checks conducted at petrol stations in Egypt.

Commencing in June 2023, the campaign runs over three weekends. During this period, customers will have the chance to receive complimentary visual tyre inspections at various locations throughout Cairo and Giza. Building upon the success of similar campaign at several markets in the region, this time event has been restructured to provide an even with better experience and full of surprises.

The campaign will encourage drivers to prepare their vehicles, particularly their tyres, ahead of the summer and traveling season. Emphasizing the significance of safety and achieving peak performance, the initiative will underscore the importance of tyre maintenance for customers, and drivers in order to optimize uptime. It is necessary to maintain the life durability of tyres as they are essential for braking systems, as well as supporting heavy loads with better stability and control.

Jacques Fourie, Vice President and Managing Director of Bridgestone Middle East and Africa said: “Road safety is a shared responsibility, and at Bridgestone, we are dedicated to playing our part in creating safer roads. We are proud to collaborate with our local partner Nile Projects & Trading and bring the #CheckedbyBridgestone campaign to petrol stations in Egypt.

Through this campaign, we aim to raise awareness about tyre safety and provide free visual tyre checks to ensure that motorists in Egypt can drive with confidence. By partnering with Nile projects for trading company and leveraging our Fit & Fix network, we will be able to reach our customer segments across Egypt, making it convenient to access our services. Egypt is a remarkable destination for global travelers. It offers a diverse range of activities and adventures, such as cruising the Nile River, exploring ancient heritage sites, and camping amidst breathtaking landscapes. As more people visit Egypt, we recognize the importance of ensuring their safety on the roads.”

The safety checks conducted during the campaign to include tyre safety checks, battery checks, wiper checks, and safety tool checks. Bridgestone continues to encourage its customers, operators, and other industry personnel to follow guidelines regarding tyre maintenance through campaigns like #CheckedbyBridgestone, which aims at promoting safety in the mobility sector.

Proper tyre maintenance is crucial as it directly impacts fuel consumption, emissions, and overall performance. Factors such as tyre age, wear and tear, and inflation pressure significantly contribute to ensuring safety, ride comfort, and stability, especially on loose or wet roads. By maintaining the correct inflation pressure, tyres can minimize rolling resistance, leading to improved efficiency, reduced wear, and lower fuel consumption.

Bridgestone’s initiatives reflect its commitment of ‘Empowerment: Committed to contributing to a society that ensures accessibility and dignity for all’ and ‘Ease: Committed to bringing comfort and peace of mind to mobility life’ under its ‘Bridgestone E8 Commitment’.

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