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Firestone partners with Nile Projects to boost customer engagement on tyre purchases amid COVID-19 challenges

Jul 20 , 2020


Firestone, a subsidiary of Bridgestone, announced that it has partnered with Nile Projects & Trading Company to boost customer experiences when buying tyres in Egypt through the launch of an exclusive ‘scratch and win’ campaign. The latest promotion is in line with the company’s global efforts to continuously engage its customers and maintain business continuity at the highest level amid the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under the terms of the latest partnership, customers will be able to receive free items such as LED TVs, wireless speakers, sportswear and more, when they buy at least four tyres of Firestone’s Multihawk brand sized 13 to 14 inches, which is a popular choice among vehicle owners because of its strong quality in dry braking, wet handling and dry handling. Customers buying the Roadhawk brand with sizes above 15 inches, which is known for better comfort, stability, and dry braking, will also have a chance of winning the special gift items.

Stefano Sanchini, Regional Managing Director, Bridgestone MEA, said: “Safety must always be vehicle owners’ priority, and replacing worn-out tyres can be challenging during these critical times posed by COVID-19. We encourage customers to continue investing in quality tyres and look for the best options that maximize savings in their purchases. Firestone understands these concerns, and that is why we continue to work on providing the ideal options in our medium-segment tyre offerings.”

Stefano added: “Our ‘scratch and win’ campaign with Nile Projects is a testament to our commitment to ensuring our customers enjoy the best benefits of buying quality tyres by gaining value-added items as well as value for their money especially at this time, while enhancing their driving experiences, comfort and safety. In addition, Firestone constantly showcases a range of tyre brands for passenger cars, especially during the summer months, such as those that are highly applicable to small sedans.”

The company urged vehicle owners to be mindful of their tyre purchases, saying that replacing all four tyres all at once offers optimum handling and controls. It also reminded them of checking tread wear bars, the bands of hard rubber that drivers can only see when the tread depth has gone beyond the limit for safe driving, which is generally 1.6mm. Uneven wear patterns may indicate other problems with the tyres or the vehicle.

Firestone has been known as a leading global brand for producing tyres with impressive gripping qualities in the most extreme conditions. It manufactures tyres of the highest quality and combines both safety and performance to produce a range of affordable tyres perfect for small and medium-sized cars. These tyres have all been designed with safety, reliability and performance in mind.


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