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Eyes on the Road: A wellness campaign for truck drivers

Aug 12 , 2019


Eyes on the Road: A wellness campaign for truck drivers

Every single day, thousands of truck drivers take up arduous journeys that go on for kilometers and days, away from their families. With every passing kilometer, the journey gets harder, but they persevere on to keep the roads safe, no matter what. As a token of our appreciation, Bridgestone decided to recognize their efforts and give them an experience of a lifetime.

Watch below to see how Sukhjinder gets a kilometer he’ll always remember.

Moreover, as part of our ongoing efforts to support safe driving amongst truck drivers, we also conduct free wellness checkups for them across various cities in the UAE, to help them stay in the best shape and form for the difficult journeys that lie ahead of them every day.

Below is the schedule:
December 8th & 9th in Sharjah - Near Al Saja'a Industrial Suburb
December 10th & 11th in Dubai – Fruit & Veg Market
December 12th & 13th in Dubai - 611 Highway
December 15th & 18th in Abu Dhabi – Khalifa Port
December 19th & 20th in Abu Dhabi – Al Khaznah

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