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Bridgestone’s passion never changes... Forever.

Nov 01 , 2010

Hamilton Commends Bridgestone’s Formula One success and commitment to tyre safety and the environment. Bridgestone reaffirms its strategy in achieving ‘Passion for Excellence’ with its product advancement through innovative tyre technology, developed through years of experience in sports driving from the tracks of Formula One to the road in consumer tyres through a press conference held at Shangri La Hotel just four days before the exciting finale race of the season. Bridgestone had invited Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One Driver Lewis Hamilton to the event to join with Mr. Takumi Kakara of Bridgestone Middle East & Africa Marketing Director and Mr. Hirohide Hamashima of Bridgestone Motorsport Tyre Development in reaffirming Bridgestone’s Formula One success and its further mission ahead towards safety and environment. Bridgestone now celebrates 14 years of successful partnership with the FIA Formula One World Championship and to date, Bridgestone is proud to have achieved 174 Bridgestone equipped Formula One Grand Prix wins, with an additional 10 F1 Drivers Championships and 11 F1 Constructors’ Championships taken on the company’s tyres. Lewis Hamilton reminisce his years of experience with Bridgestone tyres ever since he was 13 years old from kart racing and how it has helped him in his performance on the circuit. “Bridgestone has added a great deal of value to the drivers of Formula One with their commitment as the sole tyre supplier, and the advanced technology used in the design of both the wet and dry tyres has made drivers more confident in circuit grip and manageability and performance on the different tracks. We do not want to see Bridgestone leave Formula One, but we commend them for their consumer commitment and dedication in ‘Tyres Safety’ and the Environment”, said Lewis Hamilton, Formula One driver for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team. Hamilton had also written in Arabic the words “Safety” and “Environment” as a personal message to the region for Bridgestone’s global commitment to the community. Although Bridgestone bids farewell to the FIA Formula One World Championship as the sole tyre supplier to Formula One, there is certainly no goodbye to the continuous contribution that Bridgestone will be making towards the technological advancements applied from its motor sport experience for consumers on the road. Lewis Hamilton said, “We are always pushing technology to another level and discovering new technology, which Bridgestone has translated from Formula One to road tyres”. Mr. Hamashima, Bridgestone Director of Motorsport Tyre Development also said, “After 14 years of tyre development and using Nano technology, we have produced a passenger road tyre to deal with both wet and dry conditions, for high grip and good wear, such as the Bridgestone ECOPIA tyre”.The Bridgestone POTENZA brand was developed by Bridgestone to meet the requirements for circuit handling and sports driving, and the advancement made with Bridgestone’s innovative technology has led to further development of consumer tyre technology, specifically designed to maximize control, precision and overall driving pleasure for all sports driving enthusiasts. Lewis Hamilton added his comment on the Bridgestone brand, “Bridgestone always strives for excellence and we always feel safe with Bridgestone tyres.” Bridgestone has also put the principle of safety first through all stages of the tyre lifecycle, from development to production, sale and use. Mr. Kakara, Marketing Director for Bridgestone Middle East & Africa elaborated, “In tyre design and development, we have defined our three core elements as ‘safety’, ‘comfort’ and ‘being environmentally friendly’, and we will continue to invest resources to ensure that our tyres always deliver on all three fronts.” Bridgestone’s tyre technology enhancement sets a new standard in quality for consumer driving and the brand’s dedication to ‘Tyre Safety and Ecology’ sets a benchmark for Corporate Social Responsibility and consumer commitment. As a tyre company, Bridgestone continues to develop energy-efficient tyres such as the ECOPIA brand, which will be launched in the region mid of next year, as well as other products that contribute to a reduction in environmental impact. Bridgestone’s quest for excellence is a quest for every individual at the company and Bridgestone’s commitment to quality is a worldwide commitment. Bridgestone shares the values of the community,

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