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Bridgestone and WOQOD organise #CheckedbyBridgestone campaign across Qatar

Oct 25 , 2022


The eight-day campaign was held over four weekends across four WOQOD petrol stations in Qatar

Bridgestone, one of the world’s leading tyre and mobility solutions providers, in collaboration with WOQOD, organised the #CheckedbyBridgestone campaign across four WOQOD petrol stations in Qatar to boost tyre safety awareness in customers and promote road safety. The eight-day campaign, which commenced in September 2022, was held over four weekends in different locations, during which free visual tyre checks were conducted.

The campaign was held at the WOQOD petrol station in Al Hilal, Wadi Al Banat, Umm Ghuwailina and New Salata.

During the campaign, drivers and car owners were provided information on various tyre check-up services, including checking tread depth, tread wear, tyre damages, inflation pressure and benefits of using nitrogen gas for inflating tires. Tyre protection is a crucial measure for customers, fleet owners and drivers to maximise uptime. It is necessary to maintain the health of tyres as they are essential for braking systems, as well as supporting heavy loads with better stability and control.

Stefano Sanchini, Regional Managing Director, Bridgestone Middle East and Africa, said: “Through such campaigns, we aim to advocate tyre safety among drivers and car owners to boost road safety awareness in Qatar. We, at Bridgestone, are actively collaborating with WOQOD to provide optimum information on the hazards of tyre wear and tear, and the need to check Tread Wear Indicators (TWI). Motorists should be aware of these tyre conditions from an early age as road safety is the most crucial part of driving, along with vehicle inspection and tyre maintenance. It is highly beneficial to keep vehicle running conditions in check to avoid any untoward incidents while in transit.”

This collaborative effort aids the industry in creating awareness among technicians and drivers about tyre inspection requirements stipulated by the authorities. Bridgestone has been committed to the safety of its customers, along with delivering state-of-the-art mechanical and operational excellence. The company continues to encourage its customers, fleet owners, operators, and other industry personnel to follow guidelines regarding tyre maintenance through campaigns like #CheckedbyBridgestone, which aims at promoting safety in the mobility sector.

Tyre maintenance plays an important role as the rolling resistance affects the fuel consumption and emissions. Age of tyres, the wear and tear and inflation pressure have a major part in ensuring safety, performance, ride comfort, and stability on loose or wet roads. Reduced rolling resistance of tyres can be achieved by correct inflation pressure, which helps the tyres work better and wear less, in turn reducing fuel consumption.

With safety and comfort of mobility in mind, safety awareness activities such as tire-safety inspections for customers and the community are essential to ensure the peace of mind of commuters. Bridgestone strives to educate the coming generation on road safety for enhanced quality of life in local communities. The company also provides optimum traffic safety training for its employees to ensure safety across the value chain, which contributes not only to traffic safety through its products and services, but also in its day-to-day operations.

Bridgestone’s initiatives reflect its commitment of ‘Empowerment: Committed to contributing to a society that ensures accessibility and dignity for all’ and ‘Ease: Committed to bringing comfort and peace of mind to mobility life’ under its ‘Bridgestone E8 Commitment’.

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