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Dec 10 , 2012


The Bridgestone Tyre Safety and Eco Station (TSES) campaign roadshow stopped in Morocco for the first time on Dec. 14, 2012. Visitors learnt about correct tyre care and maintenance for better road safety, while children explored fun eco-educational activities in a dedicated TSES Kids Area. Casablanca, December 10, 2012 – The Bridgestone ‘Tyre Safety and Eco Station’ (TSES) educational campaign will stop in Casablanca, for the first time ever, this week. The roadshow, which has been touring the GCC and North Africa with its second annual roadshow, is aimed at increasing tyre safety awareness and at making the region’s roads safer for everyone. The fun and educational campaign will be held in Place de l’Aquarium- Ground floor Morocco Mall for three days from Dec.14 - 16. The TSES campaign, developed by Bridgestone Middle East & Africa FZE as part of its corporate social responsibility initiatives, was launched in 2011 and kicked off its second tour last March 2012 in Doha, Qatar. With the support of CPIT (Centre Pneumatique Ibn Tachfine), its trusted local distributor, Bridgestone are keen for drivers to understand the vital role that tyres play for keeping a vehicle safe on the road, and that taking a few minutes to check the car’s tyres before driving can significantly reduce the risk of having an accident. Commenting on the campaign Kensuke Yoshida, the President of Bridgestone Tyre Sales Morocco (BTSM) at Bridgestone said: “We are excited to bring the Bridgestone Tyre Safety and Eco Station to Morocco, it is one of our most important markets in the region and we are committed to making Moroccan motorists understanding the significant role that tyres play for the safety of the car and – most importantly – its passengers.” The TSES station, which will be set up in the mall for two days, has a special demonstration corner where Bridgestone staff will educate visitors in easy to understand steps, how to enhance safety while driving on roads. Drivers will be shown and made to practice how to check proper tyre air pressure and tread wear to avoid the dangers of driving with underinflated or overinflated and worn-out or damaged tyres. The booth will also host a section entirely for kids, where they can have fun with drawing activities and face painting, while their parents are learning about tyre safety. “At the Bridgestone TSES, drivers will not only be shown how to check a vehicle’s tyres correctly, but will also be encouraged to test what they learn using the simple procedures at the stand,” added Kensuke Yoshida. All people visiting the stand and participating in the activities will also receive a complimentary tyre safety booklet and a Bridgestone tyre safety compact gauge which will assist in measuring air pressure and tread depth. As well as pointing out the safety benefits of proper tyre check and maintenance, the campaign also emphasizes the positive environmental impact of maintaining correct tyre pressure. Driving a vehicle on properly inflated tyres helps in reducing the rolling resistance of the vehicle, which aids in reducing fuel consumption hence minimizing motorists’ expenses.

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