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Jun 27 , 2011

Dubai, June 27, 2011 – Bridgestone Middle East & Africa FZE today announced the launch of ECOPIA EP100A in the Middle East and Africa markets. Bridgestone rises up to the challenge in helping our planet by developing cutting-edge technologies for a new kind of tyre –one that takes better care of the environment –ECOPIA. Fuel efficiency is a key to reducing CO2 emissions during driving, which in turn helps our planet on the prevention of global warming while valuing natural resources. Bridgestone’s ECOPIA EP100A tyre is the next generation of environmentally friendly tyre which provides good balance on performance with better lower rolling resistance that result to enhanced fuel efficiency. Comparative tests showed that ECOPIA improves fuel efficiency by 3.1%* compared to a Bridgestone standard tyre. “We are proud of this new kind of tyre that allows drivers to give respect to the environment,” said Mr. Shoichi Sakuma, President of Bridgestone Middle East & Africa. “Bridgestone’s ECOPIA boasts both environmental and safety performances. ECOPIA is a proof of the company’s global efforts to help protect the environment for a sustainable society.” ECOPIA is a next-generation tyre that maintains grip even though rolling resistance is reduced. Its advanced technology delivers a high safety performance and braking is not compromised at all. ECOPIA’s compound is a combination of silica with a coupling agent that compared to conventional ones reduces heat generation and energy loss; its innovative tyre shape controls stress and deformation during driving; the rib-linked blocks uniform ground contact when braking and deliver an enhanced stopping performance, even in wet conditions. ECOPIA is part of Bridgestone’s effort towards a sustainable society. It continuously innovates its processes, products and services in order ‘to help ensure a healthy environment for current and future generations’. Bridgestone Middle East and Africa FZE is particularly active in the region by supporting different environmental projects realized by the NGO, Emirates Wildlife Society in association with WWF (EWS-WWF). Bridgestone has also been touring the GCC states for the last 6 months with the ‘Tyre Safety and Eco Station’. This awareness campaign aims to help reduce number of regional traffic accidents through education about Tyre Safety which can lead to fuel efficiency and eco-friendliness. This GCC-wide campaign will conclude at the Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, from 30th June and 1st July. ECOPIA EP100A will be available in the Middle East & Africa markets in the third quarter of this year. With this world standard environmentally friendly tyre, drivers can contribute for a better future –for tomorrow, for our children, for our planet. Information about distributor and contact details for your area are available on *Result of fuel consumption comparison between ECOPIA EP100A and B250 under same conditions. Results may vary depending on car model, tyre size and driving style

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