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Bridgestone Middle East poised to expand in Egypt as it looks beyond COVID-19

Aug 27 , 2020


While the COVID-19 pandemic’s economic impact has hit the pockets of vehicle owners in the Middle East, road safety must not be compromised to saving on money when it comes to replacing tyres and should be considered as a necessity. This was one of the important highlights of the first virtual meetup hosted by Bridgestone Middle East.

During the meeting, Stefano Sanchini, Regional Managing Director for Bridgestone Middle East and Berna Akinci, Head of Marketing for Bridgestone Middle East discussed the economic repercussions of the pandemic to the automotive sector and the tyres industry following the temporary closures of businesses, impacting jobs as well as people staying more at home to avoid getting infected by the virus. It also updated the participants on the latest trends in the regional market, which has been rapidly catching up with the digitalization of almost all sectors, including the emergence of new mobility ecosystems.

The company, which enjoys strong relations with its key partners in the region, also shed light on its expansion plans with a key focus on the Egyptian market. Bridgestone has a total of 34 stores in Egypt and plans to increase it up to 40 stores in the near future, particularly its Fit & Fix service centers widely considered as a benchmark in the country. As it prepares for market comeback, the company is set to introduce new initiatives to increase customer engagement in the country and the region.

During the talk, safety has been raised as a priority when buying tyres and should consider purchasing only using quality tyres as it affects the braking distance, the handling, and grip while driving. The drop in the demand for tyres during the height of the lockdown has affected sales, however, trend is moving upwards again as restrictions have eased in some parts of the region. In this regard, Bridgestone has been looking on ways to enrich its brand offerings to add value to customers considering that they are acquiring a premium brand.

The company further emphasized the importance of online and digital as becoming the priority for the industry to reach out and meet the needs of its customers, especially in the Middle East where there is a high rate of usage of digital devices and platforms to purchase their needs. The value of data management as the new fuel for mobility has also been talked about during the meetup.


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