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Bridgestone ME and Nile Projects launch new promotional campaign to help revitalize Egypt’s tourism market

Dec 07 , 2020


‘Rediscover Egypt, Keep Exploring with Bridgestone’ promo seen to urge more travelers to embark on exciting but safe road travels

To help boost Egypt’s tourism sector, Bridgestone Middle East has joined forces with Nile Projects & Trading Company (NPTCO) to launch a new promotional campaign that will encourage more travelers to embark on exciting and safe road trips. The campaign, ‘Rediscover Egypt, Keep Exploring with Bridgestone,’ is also part of the company’s continuing efforts to innovate its customer engagement activities worldwide and keep pace with the market changes brought about by the current pandemic.

The promo is open to all customers who will buy Bridgestone tires from the Jeep service stations of NPTCO. For every purchase of four Bridgestone tires, customers will be given a scratch card containing a range of major prizes - from Jeep mats and tire cover to Bluetooth headset – to make their vacation getaways not only more thrilling but safer as well.

“Tires are critical to ensuring comfort, safety and fuel efficiency. Through this promo, we want to emphasize the importance of routinely checking and changing vehicle tires to ensure secure, happy and memorable road trips for your families and friends. Having reliable tires to accompany you in your road travel gives you peace of mind and confidence,” Stefano Sanchini, Regional Managing Director, Bridgestone MEA.

“Global tourism remains restricted amid the still raging pandemic. While this is so, domestic travels offer us an alternative. This is the time to explore Egypt’s treasures anew while still following the basic precautionary measures. As you go on your road trips, let our tires take you around Egypt. Rediscover the country’s timeless, natural beauty, vibrant culture and rich traditions with Bridgestone tires while enjoying your prizes,” Stefano added.

Egypt is a destination of choice among global travelers, especially during summer and winter -- offering all types of visitors with diverse, appealing and exciting activities and adventures such as cruising the Nile River, exploring ancient heritage camping and site seeing.

To help boost the recovery of the tourism industry, which has been greatly affected by the pandemic, domestic travel is highly encouraged. Bridgestone Middle East took the opportunity to contribute to the national efforts towards this end via its new promo. The campaign will run until December 31, 2020.



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