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Bridgestone launches TURANZA t001 Premium touring tyres

Jun 11 , 2015

  • Chosen as original equipment by premium auto manufacturers 

  • Superior balance of comfort and performance

  • Official launch at Bridgestone Aprilia facility to the Middle East & North Africa media 

Aprilia, Italy- June 11, 2015 Bridgestone Middle East & Africa introduced today the T001 to its TURANZA line of premium touring tyres. The new TURANZA T001 offers maximum ride comfort and superior performance, especially for long distance touring and higher speeds. The launch took place at Bridgestone facility in Aprilia, Italy to media from Egypt.

Designed for a broad range of vehicles including premium saloons, the T001 delivers a luxurious ride through an optimal balance of comfort and handling.said Mr Shinya Hisada, Director of Consumer Product Business at Bridgestone Middle East & Africa. The new Bridgestone TURANZA T001 meets today's most important requirements of a tyre in Egypt - superior comfort, safety and longer wear life.

To achieve a smooth silent ride, Bridgestone used computer modelling and simulations to optimize the tread and groove design. For example, advanced noise reduction grooves insulate passengers from environmental noise while maintaining ride comfort.

Bridgestone innovations in tread pattern design also contribute to confident maneuverability. Cutting-edge tread block design maintains better road contact to assure improved braking performance. Besides, optimized bead construction delivers better handling.

The Bridgestone TURANZA T001 will be available exclusively at Fit & Fix Tyre retail chain owned by Nile Projects & Trading Co., Bridgestone's sole distributor in Egypt Fit & Fix centers offer tyre sales and maintenance as well as after-sales services of best global standards to provide the best products and services to customers and to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The Bridgestone TURANZA T001 will be available in various sizes ranging from 14 inch to 18 inch. For further details, customers can get in touch with Fit & Fix Network at 19187 or visit  


Product Features:

Noise Reduction Grooves 

Closed-ended side branches in the TURANZA T001’s tread grooves create tiny “Helmholtz” silencers that capture and absorb noise. Bridgestone optimally tunes these grooves to significantly dampen tyre noise in the T001. 

High-Angle Blocks 

Placing slanted grooves at 60 degrees in the lugs helps to prevent tyre deformation during braking. By maintaining a stable contact patch where the tyre meets the road, this advanced tread design delivers better braking.

Nano Pro-Tech™ 

By controlling materials at the molecular level, Bridgestone can realize unparalleled performance on wet roads and high efficiency for lower rolling resistance. 


FCP Tyre Profile 

Compared to conventional rounded tyre profiles, the TURANZA’s FCP profile provides a flat tread contact area where the tread meets the road. This design prevents unwanted tyre deformations and helps to minimize shoulder wear.

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