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Bridgestone Joins The Valuable 500 Movement To Promote Inclusion And Opportunity For People With Disabilities

Mar 29 , 2021

  • Bridgestone pledges support for the global movement that aims to put disability inclusion on the business leadership agenda.
  • The partnership aligns with a respect for diversity that is outlined in Bridgestone’s Global CSR commitment and Global Human Rights Policy.
  • The commitment connects to Bridgestone’s initiatives to address social issues and its role as a Worldwide Paralympic Partner.

Bridgestone Corporation announced that it has joined The Valuable 500, a global movement that is committed to making disability inclusion a greater part of the business leadership agenda. Through this partnership, Bridgestone and other top companies around the world are committing to help build and promote a society that realizes the value of the 1.3 billion people living with disabilities.

The Valuable 500 was launched by social entrepreneur Caroline Casey at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in January 2019 and is based on the belief that inclusive businesses shape inclusive societies. The movement encourages leaders to innovate their businesses to capitalize on the currently unrealized value people with disabilities can generate for business, society, and the economy. Companies around the world that agree with the goals of this movement are invited to join, and the movement targets a membership of 500 companies.

“Bridgestone is committed to providing value to society and our customers as a sustainable solutions company, and we strive to support individuals through our business and innovation,” said Shu Ishibashi, Global Chief Executive Officer, Bridgestone Corporation. “The Valuable 500 shares our belief that integrating people with different experiences, skills and perspectives adds to the value of a business and a community, and we are proud to join them on this journey. Through this initiative, Bridgestone will further strengthen our commitment to diversity and inclusion.”

In joining "The Valuable 500," Bridgestone will strengthen its following initiatives;

Bridgestone strives to build a diverse workplace that empowers employees with disabilities.

The Valuable 500’s respect for diversity and promotion of inclusivity have significant overlap with Bridgestone’s corporate philosophy. The Bridgestone Group Global Human Rights Policy established in 2018 outlines the company’s belief in the fundamental principle that everyone is entitled to fair treatment and equal opportunity without discrimination of any kind. Additionally, Bridgestone’s global corporate social responsibility commitment Our Way to Serve guides the company’s efforts to improve the way people around the world move, live, work and play. We strive to create a work environment where diversity is accepted and employees with disabilities can easily demonstrate their abilities.

Through co-creation with communities and strategic partners, Bridgestone desires to help create a more inclusive society that promotes good physical and mental health.

Beyond its focus on building a diverse workplace that empowers employees with disabilities, Bridgestone is advancing several external initiatives that align with its support for The Valuable 500. Of note, the company is pursuing a variety of activities that seek to address the social issues faced by the elderly and people with disabilities. These efforts also include social programs that increase interaction between people with diverse backgrounds and abilities.

Bridgestone is helping promote awareness and access for people with disabilities through its support of the Paralympic Games.

As a Worldwide Paralympic Partner, Bridgestone shares the same commitment to diversity, inclusivity and equality that is central to the Paralympic Movement. Through this partnership, the company is proud to support the world’s most inspiring athletes and empower people of all abilities to chase their dreams. Additionally, Bridgestone is working to address challenges faced by para-athletes and remove barriers for all people through various projects that focus on innovative equipment solutions and increased access to mobility.


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