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May 16 , 2012

Beginning this summer Bridgestone Potenza S001 RFT tyres will be available in 16 different sizes. RFT tyres enable the driver to drive 80 km at 80 kph even with a puncture or loss of air until a convenient and safe location can be found to replace the tyre. Dubai, May 16, 2012 – Bridgestone today announced the launch of its new Run-Flat Technology tyre1 (RFT), the POTENZA S001 RFT, for the replacement market2 in the Middle East and Africa. Starting from this summer the POTENZA S001 RFT, that represents the new generation of Bridgestone’s Run-Flat tyres, will be marketed in 16 different sizes, ranging from 16 to 19 inch diameters. POTENZA S001 RFT is a tyre that meets ISO169923 standard. Run-Flat Technology tyres allow drivers’ whose car tyres became punctured or experienced air loss, to drive at least 80 km distance at 80 km per hour speed and to stop in a convenient and safe location to replace the tyre. The main advantages of RFT tyres with respect to conventional tyres are: 1.Improved driving stability should the tyre experience air loss. 2.Continued mobility should a puncture damage the tyre tread and sidewalls. 3.Greater peace of mind; should air loss occur, there is no need to change tyres in dangerous places, such as busy highways or at night. 4.Eliminate the need for spare tyres (emergency-use tyres) in passenger vehicles with positive consequences for the environment. POTENZA S001 RFT represents the new generation of Bridgestone Run-Flat Technology tyres. Since the launch of its first Run-Flat tyres in the early 1980s, Bridgestone has been improving Run-Flat tyres’ technology in order to enhance the riding comfort; with the new POTENZA S001 RFT drivers can experience a smooth and comfortable ride with almost no difference in comfort with respect to conventional tyres. The main features of the new POTENZA S001 RFT are: ·The use of new sidewall reinforced rubber and COOLING FIN™ technology, both of which control heat, creating a comfortable ride comparable with POTENZA S001 (non RFT). ·It delivers high dimensional dry and wet performance like POTENZA S001. It is recommended for customers who demand Run-Flat Technology tyres for a smoother ride. 1 Run Flat Technology Tyres can be driven with zero inflation pressure for a limited distance at a reduced speed. 2 Summer tyres for replacement market. 3 ISO16992 standard stipulates that run-flat running performance of tyre must be 80km @ 80km/h on a drum test.

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