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Aug 11 , 2014

Tokyo (August 11, 2014) –The Bridgestone Group would like to express its deepest condolences to the victims and those who lost loved ones as a result of the August 3 earthquake in Yunnan Province, China.
Bridgestone Corporation announced today that it will donate 8.5 million yen (approximately $83,000 USD) to support relief efforts through the Japanese Red Cross Society. In addition, Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd., the company's subsidiary in China, will donate 500,000 yuan (approximately $81,000 USD) to support relief efforts through the Red Cross Society of China. In total, the amount of the donation by the Bridgestone Group will be worth more than $160,000 USD.
Contributions by the Bridgestone Group companies to the earthquake relief effort reflect the companies' longstanding commitment to China. In 2004, Bridgestone established Bridgestone (China) Investment Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, which manufactures and markets tires in China. Today the group operates 19 China-based manufacturing facilities for the production of tires, diversified products and raw materials.
The Bridgestone Group truly hopes for a swift recovery of the people and the areas impacted by this devastating natural disaster.
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