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Bridgestone furthers commitment to society with new ‘Eyes on the Road’ Ramadan campaign

Apr 12 , 2022


Initiative for fleet drivers to celebrate the holy month

Free health check-ups also offered as part of continuing efforts to ensure wellbeing of truck drivers and promote road safety

Bridgestone Middle East and Africa (MEA) unveiled its new Ramadan campaign for fleet drivers in the UAE in recognition of their hard work and resilience.

The company's 'Eyes on The Road' initiative will feature a series of events during the holy month of blessings across different parts of the country. It reflects Bridgestone's efforts to foster a sense of community and belonging, especially for those who are spending Ramadan in the country alone.

To celebrate the festive spirit of the season, truck owners and drivers will be treated to an evening of delicacies, warm welcome and games. The activities will be staged in decorated truck rest areas and majlis that will be set up by the Bridgestone team.

Additionally, Bridgestone will offer them free health check-ups at various truck stops throughout the campaign. A physiotherapist will be on board to conduct comprehensive movement, spine, and posture screenings while a nutritionist will provide the most appropriate diet plans for them to stay physically and mentally healthy during Ramadan.

This health component of the campaign forms part of Bridgestone's continuing 'Eyes on the Road' wellness initiative to monitor the health condition of truck drivers given the long hours they spend on the roads, as well as help build a healthier and safer society worldwide.

The 'Eyes on the Road' Ramadan campaign follows Bridgestone's global 'Serving Society with Superior Quality' philosophy, which emphasizes that a business that contributes to society would do well by doing good.

Stefano Sanchini, Regional Managing Director, Bridgestone MEA, said: “Not all fleet drivers have the luxury to celebrate Ramadan with their families because either they are living far away from their home countries, or they are always on the road. Many miss the gatherings and sharing of meals with their loved ones, especially during this season. The aim of our latest 'Eyes on the Road' campaign is to allow them to experience the joyous spirit of Ramadan.”

“Our free medical check-ups, on the other hand, are part of our continuing initiative for the health of our drivers and the safety of our roads, both of which are among our priorities. We invite both truck owners and drivers to catch our events and participate in the celebration,” he added.

The campaign kicked off recently in Fujairah and will make a stop in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. More than 600 fleet drivers are expected to participate in Bridgestone's UAE-wide Ramadan activities.

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