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Bridgestone Elevates Commitment to Sustainable Mobility and Digital Transformation in the MENA Region

Oct 04 , 2023


Bridgestone, along with other industry leaders, discussed the future of sustainable mobility in the region at the MENA EV Show 2023

Bridgestone EMIA, a global leader in tyres and sustainable mobility solutions, highlighted the significance of electric vehicles (EVs) as the foundation of sustainable mobility solutions during its participation at the Middle East and North Africa Electric Vehicle Show (MENA EV Show) 2023. The company highlighted the market’s promising future in the Middle East and several other innovations that support cleaner mobility at the event, which was held recently at the Radisson RED in DSO's Dubai Digital Park.

The conference addressed critical issues impacting the future of mobility in the UAE and the broader MENA region. The topics included EV governance and policies, advancements in sustainable EV infrastructure development, socioeconomic impact of EV adoption, use of EVs for increased energy independence and economic diversification, as well as the digital transformation of the e-mobility sector.

Bridgestone showcased its knowledge and prowess in two detailed panels at the event. The first panel discussion, titled ‘Driving Digital Transformation in the E-Mobility Industry,’ featured Gaurav Malhotra, Bridgestone’s Head of Consumer for the Middle East and Africa, sharing valuable insights into the company’s role in the digital transformation of e-mobility. The discussion focused on the potential of technology to influence mobility in the future, as well as the adoption of digital technologies to build a sustainable future. Gaurav Malhotra, along with other industry leaders, emphasised Bridgestone’s constant commitment to driving innovation and sustainability in the evolving EV landscape.

The discussion on sustainability in the e-mobility sector continued further in the second panel, titled ‘Driving Sustainability through E-Mobility Industry Transformation.’ Gaurav Malhotra underlined the contribution of Bridgestone’s rubber and tyre technologies to the achievement of the company’s sustainability targets. The session also covered strategies for developing smart, resilient businesses dedicated to fostering a greener future, in line with Bridgestone’s vision of a cleaner and more connected world.

Gaurav Malhotra, Head of Consumer - PBU Middle East and Africa at Bridgestone EMIA said: “As a global leader in sustainable mobility solutions, Bridgestone is investing to make electric mobility more accessible and efficient. Electric vehicles, with their inherent eco-friendliness and significantly lower emissions as compared to traditional commercial vehicles, represent the path to a sustainable future. Our core values are centred on a circular business model that is driving the automotive industry towards a sustainable future by integrating eco-friendly practices and decarbonisation strategies across our entire value chain.”

“We recognise that the rise of electric vehicles marks a pivotal point in the efforts to lessen the environmental impact of the transportation sector. In anticipation of the upcoming COP 28 conference, we are fully committed to driving tyre innovations that meet and even surpass the unique requirements of these cutting-edge vehicles,” he added.

The event featured an array of engaging sessions, including panel discussions, Q&As, investment opportunities and pitching sessions. It featured an impressive lineup of EV industry leaders.

Bridgestone’s participation in the event demonstrates its commitment to fostering innovations and environmentally-friendly practices within the e-mobility sector. Moreover, it is consistent with the organisation’s long-term environmental objectives, which also include supporting the ‘Milestone 2030’ initiative and fulfilling the duties outlined in its E8 Commitment. As a company dedicated to enhancing mobility and advancing sustainable solutions, Bridgestone will continue to set new benchmarks in sustainable mobility.

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